4ft x 2ft Medium Purple Garden Mirror

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4ft x 2ft Medium Purple Garden Mirror

Our beautiful, specially designed garden mirrors now hold delightfully colourful hues, which will bring a whole new dimension to your garden space. Creating space, light, and now a whole realm of colour, our acrylic mirrors will add something a little different to any area lacking in colour or character.

The acrylic mirror is both ten times stronger and 80% lighter than real glass, which means that you can hang it safely and securely without worry or fear of it smashing. It is worth bearing in mind that these acrylic mirrors are flexible, and the reflection produced will only be as good as the surface to which the mirror is fixed, so it is suggested that the adhesive used is spread with care and the mirror firmly flattened to your chosen backing material.

To cut straight lines, score halfway through with a knife then break along a straight edge. Cut curves with a fine toothed saw cutting disc or tile cutter. It can also be drilled (use a drill bit for drilling plastic or metal).


Medium rectangle 120cm (4ft) x 60cm (2ft)


  • Our mirrors can be attached in a multitude of places for many different light and illusion effects
  • Acrylic material is 10x stronger than glass and 80% lighter too
  • Acrylic will not shatter and is also easily cut with a knife or a saw
  • Mirrors are flexible, allowing you to fix them to virtually anything
  • These mirrors are especially easy to clean, they just need to be wiped with a cloth and some fresh water mixed with a mild soap
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