Reflect Circular Decorative Acrylic Garden Patio Mirrors – 1ft 3in – Set of 12


(as of 16/10/2019 at 00:06 GMT)

Product Description

1ft 3in Set of 12 Circular Acrylic Garden Mirrors

These versatile circular mirrors, now available in sets, allow creative gardeners to invent their own patterns, shapes, and interesting effects by using several of our mirrors to brighten up any garden wall.

Chic, modern and incredibly stylish, these twelve mirrors can be arranged in rows, in a square shape, or not placed together at all. The myriad of options is yours to consider with any garden wall or space to decorate to your heart’s content. The mirrors are made of weatherproof and shatterproof acrylic which is 80% lighter and ten times stronger than real glass, making the mirrors perfect for gluing and hanging.


– To cut straight lines, score halfway through with a knife then break along a straight edge. Cut curves with a fine toothed saw cutting disc or tile cutter. It can also be drilled (use a drill bit for drilling plastic or metal)
– These mirrors are especially easy to clean, they just need to be wiped with a cloth and some fresh water mixed with a mild soap


– Diameter: 40cm (1ft 3¾in)


  • This garden mirror will bring light and depth to any outdoor space
  • Highly decorative – arrange into your own pattern
  • Great for hanging – acrylic drills extremely easily
  • Made of mirrored acrylic, weatherproof and shatterproof
  • Acrylic is 80% lighter than glass and also 10x stronger


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